When will (proper) events happen again?

November 4, 2020

It takes one or two pioneers with an entrepreneurial mind-set to show the 'safe' way forwards, proving to the industry they can succeed.


Venue: a bigger venue was chosen to allow distancing.

Transfers: a bus (not taxi) was sent to allow distancing. Driver wore mask & gloves.

AV: remote clicker was sanitised before every speaker.

Audience: 500 socially distanced, wore masks throughout (1000 remote). Only downside is you couldn’t see the smiles.

Tests: had to be taken 72 hours before. Highly recommend Recovery4Life.

Airlines: they thought it was acceptable to put everyone together at the front on a 95% empty flight. NOT a chance and we all moved. C’mon airlines!

I was apprehensive about flying so kept travel to a minimum choosing direct flights via Luton.

The measures made it a great 'safe' experience.

Appreciate different countries will have different rules but following these pioneers, events can happen again & confidence will rise.


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