The Rise of the Feminine in Business

November 4, 2020

There is a shift going on in the world of business and it is momentous. Business is moving from the old-style Masculine values of competition, dominance, individualism and profit above all – to more Feminine values of synergy, purpose, networks, nurture, collaboration and profit through people. With this shift significant changes are coming. Women executives may now become the dominant force in the businesses of the future. The ‘glass ceiling’ is about to disappear. Leadership is moving from ‘command and control’ to ‘servant or service-based’ leadership – where we put the emphasis on empowering others to act more effectively rather than managers being trained to find fault and discipline – and where businesses offer a higher purpose to their employees than just bonuses and profits.

We are seeing the change in the workplace too as the idea of being committed only to your career at the expense of family is gradually disappearing – given momentum by the Covid19 crisis where we have had a chance to re-adjust our business priorities and relationships with others. The image of the ‘dedicated career professional’ is losing status – being replaced by a more rounded, balanced and yet effective executive where their value is measured not in their personal business ‘performance’ but in their ability to get things done through their networks, influence and relationships (both professional and personal).

Women in business have a natural advantage in this changing world – their natural energies and values are perfectly aligned with this change in business.

Where once women had to adapt to a ‘masculine’ style to succeed, now their positive strengths of empathy, compassion and vulnerability are being seen as valuable in a leader or executive. For men to continue to thrive in this world we need to be able to recognize, value and embrace more Feminine values in how we lead and engage with people – balancing them with our natural masculine styles.

Words like the ‘Sheconomy’ are already being used to define this new shift in business toward the Feminine. In the future leaders and business professionals will be prized for their ability to ‘flex’ their style for ‘getting things done’ between the Masculine and the Feminine behaviors and where one is not superior to the other – but complimentary.

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