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About Sean Weafer

Sean Weafer delivers solutions in business communications, coaching and mentoring. He is an international G2S and Marshal Goldsmith certified coach and mentor, a professional speaker, trainer and author specialising in leadership and sales communications, driving teamperformance, projecting executive presence and personal brand, creating winning pitches and presentations and training executive coaches (www.SeanWeafer.com)


He developed the High Trust Advisor Sales andProfessional Communications programs to turn executives and professionals into highly trusted advisors, collaborators and co-creators in leadership and sales roles. He also trains executives and experts to become in-house professional coaches and mentors through his CPD-certified executive coaching school.

He is an engineer by profession and specialises intaking complex concepts in communications and creating highly practical and measurable tool kits for his sales and leadership clients to help them excel in all areas.  

He is the author of three books ‘Invoking the Feminine: Strength, Love and Wisdom’ (2019) ‘C.A.S.H: Coaching As a SideHustle’ (2020) and ‘The Highly Trusted Advisor: How to Lead Teams and Win Clients in the Hybrid Age’ (2021) as well as multiple eBooks on leadership and sales skills.



Stop Hesitating: Start Networking!

An interactive and practical presentation on how to make networking an enjoyable and practical tool to build networks of influence and knowledge to empower your role online - live and online.

High Trust Leadership

What does it take to create a highly trusted and influential leader, how has leadership changed and what are the critical skills that modern leaders need to achieve personal and leadership mastery and influence to lead their teams in the Age of AI.

Connecting in Colour

Learn how to instantly recognise and build rapport and trust rapidly with different personality types in the workplace and socially. This fun speech will turn the audience into masters of influence and able to have colourful conversations!

High Trust Selling  

Discover the practical tools and psychology used by the best sales influencers and advisors in the business, the one’s whose client’s love them and who consistently win high value business in a world where AI is replacing transactional relationships.

Invoking the Feminine

learn the shift in values that all businesses and leaders (male and female) need to embrace to maximise their brands and influencing skills to optimise their impact and potential in their business in the future in the new world of AI.


Sean Weafer is an exceptional executive coach in the areas of Leadership and Sales. Over the years he has spoken for The Executive Institute and received rave reviews from our members. Whether live in person or live online it makes no difference to Sean, Highly recommended and delighted to act as a verbal referee for any speaking inquiry. ‍
Dave Malone - The Executive Institute



Sean Weafer

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