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About Reg Athwal

Reg Athwal is the Founder, Chairman & MD of RTS Global Partners and the Family Business Academy, the joint leading family business advisory and education services ’firms in Africa, Middle East & South Asia with 20+ partners and corporate staff members, that have impacted clients in 25 countries, with its HQ in Dubai-UAE.


Athwal has been a life-long entrepreneur, building his first business at age 17, faced bankruptcy at age 21, then bounced back to build a $20 million executive search and human capital research business by age 28.

Athwal is retained as a Global Trusted Executive Advisor by many large family-owned businesses and first generation entrepreneurial enterprises throughout the Africa, Middle East and Asia (AMEA) region. To date, he has worked with 128 family businesses, from two members to 53 members, from the 1st to 6th generation and impacted $6.2 billion of wealth and equity value for his clients.

His Unleash Your DNA, Family Business Academy brands and award-winning DNA Profiling system, combined with his personal success stories, case studies, extensive research and best practices have been delivered to over 3 million people in 65 countries since 2002. Athwal is also a best-selling author and content creator, with 6 books to his name, 150+ video episodes on his YouTube Channel, and has published hundreds of articles on “Family Business Governance & Legacy Matters.”

Only 3% of family businesses continue past the 4th generation due to many blockages, which we highlight our sessions, that impact how Family Boards are created and professionalized. The ones who survive, end up making a global impact, contribute by feeding many other families and make it easier for future generations to be prosperous earlier on in life.

Family Businesses who really want to grow their businesses, must have a robust succession plan and build world-class dream teams, both at a family and professional level. Do you want to work IN your business or ON your business? Do you want to become a future Board Director and Investor and leave your business running on auto-pilot? Whatever is important to you, it will require the right structure, a professional operating board and a solid governance framework. Then we need to consider what happens with the next generation – Will they join your family business? Want to do their own thing? Are they motivated? We will explore all these questions, with case studies and debates if you choose to work with us

As a client you will also learn how to build leadership dream teams to professionalize your business and understand how to assess professionals who you wish to hire and retain for future growth. Athwal will share personal case studies that have helped entrepreneurs and family groups achieve 125% to 800% growth in their businesses within 2-3 years.

Here are some Sample Learnings from a Keynote or Workshop Session, that your family or business can take part in with exercises, debates and learn from case studies...

You will learn:
  • About your “DNA Profile” and how it impacts other family members, professional teams and your overall business growth
  • How to create the right job roles at the right time, aligned to your succession planning needs
  • About the 20 blockages that stop 97% of family businesses in creating a sustainable legacy
  • How to develop a Family Values Charter and build your guiding principles to drive more unity and harmony
  • About the “VIP Toolkit” and how to align your business board and all family members for the next 10/20/30 Years
  • Brief Introduction on the 30 areas of the “Family Business Governance” framework + 50 areas of the “STATE Methodology” and identify where your biggest gaps are



  • Unleash Your FamilyBusiness
  • Unleash Your Entrepreneurial DNA
  • Unleash Your Leadership DNA
  • Unleash Your Legacy DNA
  • Unleash Your Team DNA


“Fortunately, there are global experts like Reg, who are speaking to family firms and working with them around the world. His books and speeches gives insights from many different family-owned businesses globally, giving us all useful tools to help guide us through the journey of building a family legacy.”
Dr. Manu Chandaria, OBE CBS EBS



Reg Athwal

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