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About Rapelang Rabana

Featured on the cover of Forbes Africa magazine before the age of 30, chosen as a Fast Company Maverick, named Entrepreneur for the World by the World Entrepreneurship Forum and selected as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum  - Rapelang is an internationally lauded technology entrepreneur.


See digital technology through the eyes of a practical, hands-on innovator - from her first startup, straight out of university, Yeigo, to Chief Digital Officer of South Africa’s largest IT company, Rapelang is truly a digital native. She reverse-engineers her 15+ years of experience in building tech companies, to unpack all things digital in a meaningful way.

She is the Founder of Rekindle Learning, which enables people to adapt to the changing world of work, as well as FFWD Innovation, focusing on extracting tangible business value from digital transformation. Amongst other roles, Rapelang also serves on the Boards of African Leadership University, Standard Chartered Bank Botswana Education Trust and Imagine Worldwide.

Rapelang regularly speaks at local and international platforms and has shared a stage with the likes of President Paul Kagame of Rwanda and best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell. She obtained B. Business Science (Computer Science Honours) and an M.Sc from the University of Cape Town, giving her a technical and business background. She has since believed that there had to be better, simpler more effective ways to do things – and there is: technology.



Inside Innovation and Entrepreneurship:

  • Thought Leadership: innovation-focused talks, masterclasses, and micro-learning programs to orientate teams to a world of digital transformation
  • FFWD Sprints: intense sprints over a few days, tackling new projects or internal challenges, generating solutions, and testing prototypes in order to make informed, data-driven decisions
  • New Ways of Work: changing culture doesn't happen through new logos and offices. Cultural transformation that enables resilience and adaptability only happens by changing how you work, how you make decisions, and how you reward performance
  • Digital Collaboration: tap into our network of innovative companies solving the most pressing challenges, and collaborate with them to close internal gaps and reduce time to market with new solutions
  • Future-Fit program: an end-to-end digital transformation from articulating the case for change, preparing and engineering change, and sustaining the benefits achieved into the long term


"Rapelang was able to explain technology to our investment team without using the buzzwords. Now we can break digital down, into capabilities businesses have been using long before digital, and appreciate how technology simply breaks constraints to do things more efficiently."



Rapelang Rabana

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