44 countries

5 books

1000 clients

500 workshops

About Mike Wittenstein

With buy-in from your teams, you can accomplish practically anything. The challenge is to make your ideas about the future soCLEAR that their people want to make them REAL. I’ve helped leaders implement first-of-a-kind ideas hundreds of times. It’s what I teach on-stage and on-screen as a speaker. Also, what I facilitate behind the scenes as a coach, consultant, and designer.



I will help you make sure your strategies get your team’s support, then become real. Since 2002, my team and I have helped companies successfully tackle change and save time.

·        Earned higher exit multiples

·        Introduced new retail, restaurant, and hospitality concepts faster and at lower cost

·        Found new revenue streams

·        Created lasting internal alignment

·        Adapted quickly and profitably to market changes

·        Launched new services

·        Learned to work adaptively



·        CSP, DTM,CMC, CCXP, MBA (Thunderbird/ASU)

·        2 billion in earned client value

·        FormerIBM eVisionary, thought leader, and practice leader

·        800+clients, 100+ cities, 24 countries

·        Top influencer, blogger, influencer, creative leader, innovator, and individual contributor (details upon request)



·        Apple,Beeline, Delta Air Lines, Holiday Inn, LeasePlan, McDonald’s, TransitionsOptical, University of Phoenix, and many mid-market brands and businesses too.



·        English(native)

·        Portuguese(fluent)

·        Spanish(conversational)

·        Russian(basic)


I work anywhere in the world using digital interpretation software. When I speak in English, the audience can read and hear me in any of the world’s top 16 languages. Attendees like fully understanding and participating in break-outs and workshops.



    Pinpoint issues, blind spots, and opportunities–the ones that lead to lasting advantages
    Get the expertise you need to save time, effort, and money, especially around customer and employee experience, story, strategy, and service design.
    Uncover the rich narrative that best describes your organization’s purpose, principles, and the value it offers.
    Finding your story is priceless, and the process is engaging, productive, and fun. With a strong foundation for story in place, you can build, well, anything.
    A 20/20, crystal clear view of your future that’s equally inspiring and compelling.
    One that results in a significant mindset shift among your audience.
    Inform your teams with certainty about what makes the organization tick, what it values, and how it creates value for others.
    Get a six-part business design that lets everyone build out the future.
    Journey Maps capture designs and decisions for training, automating, and introducing new services.
    Expect a vivid and actionable picture of where your customers are, what they think and feel, and what they want.
    Your strategy to operations with a tailor-made, customer-centric blueprint for action. An Experience Design aligns people, processes, technology, and your brand seamlessly.


"Raising the bar on our own retail executive events to thrill attendees gets harder every year. Putting Customer Experience on stage gave all the attendees and sponsors a way to see how they stop competing with each other and start doing more for their customers. The customer experience way Mike introduced has been almost unanimously adopted by the retail industry."
Katherine Boccaccio, Executive Director of Events, Chain Store Age



Mike Wittenstein

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