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About Geoff Ramm

Like you, Geoff Ramm, the creator and author of Celebrity Service and OMG Marketing, knows that great customer service leads to lucrative, repeat business but a greater experience leads to global recognition.So how can you design a customer experience that has you talked about for decades to come?


Geoff knows the Jedi Mind Trick to make you craved by your customers, envied by your competitors and raved about in your industry.  In his interactive keynotes, your audience will not only discover out-of-this-world ideas, they will come up with them and be excited to implement them too.  Oh and his on-stage and on-screen presence and infectious enthusiasm and humour will have you on the edge of your seats.



  • Celebrity Service Keynote & Celebrity Service Interactive
  • OMG Marketing Keynote
  • OMG Marketing Interactive


“Talk about WOW !!! Geoff can light up a room, inspire innovative thoughts, and ignite a desired to be the most talked about business ON EARTH. He has people second guessing their most awesome service experience, wondering when the next Hollywood or A list celebrity will come waltzing in, and thinking about how to fill the ‘celebrity service gap’ in a split second. All with positive energy and a sense of purpose. Geoff Ramm will help you SEE the difference and BE the difference !”
Olivia Sarah-Le Lacheur - General Manager, Retail Distribution – Partnership Development, AIA / CommInsure



Geoff Ramm

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