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When will (proper) events happen again?

he answer is they are already are. Not quite in the same way as before, but you have to start somewhere. I recently spoke in Vilnius, Lithuania and witnessed the expertise of an amazing events pro Dainius Baltrušaitis & his CONFINN team.


The Rise of the Feminine in Business

There is a shift going on in the world of business and it is momentous. Business is moving from the old-style Masculine values of competition, dominance, individualism and profit above all – to more Feminine values of synergy, purpose, networks, nurture, collaboration and profit through people.


Re-Invent Your Contribution

The world is being reinvented. As we realise that the Covid disruption will be with us for longer than most of us thought, we’re also starting to accept that we won’t ever go “back to normal” completely.


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